AboutJohn “Doc” Holladay

John “Doc” Holladay

John “Doc” Holladay

Like many people I moved here looking for new opportunities. I was tired of the cold weather in Idaho. I hit Bullhead City on Halloween night and couldn’t find a room to rent. The place was packed. When I finally did get settled in I found that this was the place for me. The winters (what winter?) were mild and the summers were not too hot for my liking.

After all of my years in construction I figured I would land a job in one of the many fields I was familiar with. What a shock, no one was hiring except the casinos. I found myself selling change and learning how to provide the best customer service on the river. At first I hated it, but I soon found out that I got a real kick out of buzz and excitement of working in the casinos. I jumped in and soon worked my way up to running a shift and then even running the slot department. I met what seemed like thousands of people and knew them all by sight.

When the economy stumbled and it was finally my turn to move on due to downsizing I decided to become a REALTOR. Since I really liked working with people this allowed me to continue doing exactly that. If you are buying or selling you are trying to get the most value for what you are offering.

Let me help you with all of your real estate needs. Buying, selling, renting or leasing, I will be there for you.